• Shop plan offers the most affordable and comprehensive feature for tool room environment. Shop plan stands out in the market place for its ability to increase the quality and visibility of information tool room management need to make the strategic and tactical operational decisions.
  • While tool room management is particular urgent need in Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS) Installation, It is also becoming increasingly important in shops that produce small lots.
  • The main advantages of an FMS are its high flexibility in managing manufacturing resources like time and effort in order to manufacture a new product. The best application of an FMS is found in the production of small sets of products like those from a mass production.
  • Shop plan provides capabilities that are faster, more secure and easy to administer, modify & integrate with other applications based on Tool room management.
  • Tracking reporting and ensuring the integrity of information are one of the most important aspects of shop plan for Tool room management.
  • An Inability to react to quality or customer issues can be or to be able to plan and deliver in a timely manner can be the difference between success and failure.
  • Provide data analysis tools to enhance decision making.
  • The shop floor is the heart beat of any manufacturing organization. The ability to see data in real time and enable your operators to act upon it, immediately is critical in today’s competitive environment where every opportunity for improvement, no matter how big or small counts.


  • Shop Plan is specially developed for Tool Room. It is evolved after consulting with leading industrial experts.
  • Shop Plan is a kind of system that is made to enhance or significantly improve Mould Making process by incorporating all useful information, both internal and external data.
  • Shop Plan solutions aim to assist you with your company expenses by means of providing a comprehensive view of your organization as a single entity.
  • This is essential for company management, because it helps managers arrive at decisions that are more objective, economic and highly competitive.
  • Shop Plan helps you optimize resources (Workers, time, inventory, money, etc.) that the company already has, choosing paths and projects that could prove to be beneficial or harmful. With comprehensive information managers can decide on which projects & resources to invest in and which can be eliminated. It also helps you to establish different divisions of work that could be very cost-effective.
  • Shop Plan solutions improve communication as data and processes align, moving along a systematized network.


  • Quote – Estimate for tools
  • Order – Convert in to project
  • Planning – BOM, Create new or import from estimation. Block materials from stores.
  • Add process for individual Plates
  • Design plan for Tools
  • Overall Project Plan Status
  • Assembly Status for Tools
  • Scheduling for plates in tools. Use two methods, Manual and Auto Scheduling.
  • For efficient scheduling split is used.
  • In Manufacturing – Add job, Scheduled, Unscheduled, Rework Job.
  • Inspection, Assembly, Trials.


  • Resource, Procurement Planning & Management.
  • Tool Tracking
  • Cost Estimation
  • Outsource tracking
  • Inventory Management
  • Rework Management
  • Schedule based machining
  • Project cost analysis
  • Machine efficiency analysis
  • Job-work process
  • Macro cad viewer
  • Fast analysis of workload

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